Thursday, October 23, 2014

Is the media influencing you?

The influence of Media in today’s world is in the rise, as we include tablets and phones we become media transporters, there is not secret, that main stream media has a great influence in our lives, it can be so powerful that it could change our views and it could change the way we think. It depicts the real image of many aspects of our lives. The media tells us how we should dress and the way should act. Also depicts what a successful person is.
Television is one of the most influential venues in the US (1), in average teens spends about 3-4 hours a day watching TV (2). Video Games are another trap where many young people are restrain people from exercising outside and interacting with one another.

When we watch and hear we are able to retain more, in a subtle way it changes the way think and act. Individuals sometimes do not realized that they are even being influenced by the mass media. It limits our self-awareness and instinct.  In the US the left wing owns most of the cable networks making it easier for them to shape the way of thinking in the direction that they want. When it comes to sexual behavior TV stations, present as promiscuous behavior as normal and put not value on abstinence, commitment and unconditional love.
The glorification of risky sex, drugs, alcohol consumption and violent behaviors, makes young individuals make decisions that leads them in a path of destruction and irresponsibility. The media should not take all the blame, parents are still the most influential persons in the lives of the children. The issue here is that many parents are “absent parents” not engaging with their children and not investing quality time with them. Parents should monitor and control their children’s viewing habits.
“True, media violence is not likely to turn an otherwise fine child into a violent criminal. But, just as every cigarette one smokes increases a little bit the likelihood of a lung tumor someday, every violent show one watches increases just a little bit the likelihood of behaving more aggressively in some situation.” —Psychologists Brad Bushman and L. Rowell Huesmann (3)

According to Margaret J. Meeker “Over the last forty-five years, the amount of time kids spend with their parents has gone down by ten to twenty hours we week. At the high end, that’s almost three hours a day gone from your relationship with your children.” (4)
Fathers talk WITH their children for eight minutes a day, while working mothers talk for 11 minutes. (5)
That’s way is so important that parents be involved in the lives of their kids as they are grow parents can shape and in most instances raise a child that can have a good influence in society and not be a headache to them.
This is one of the reasons that many of the millennials do not know what is happening around them in regards to many important issues in this nation and mayor events that occurs around the world. The vast majority of entertainment draws them to steal their time, and most of them stare a screen that in many cases does not add any valuable knowledge to them.
Another big issue, is obesity and eating disorders are a contribution of media, not only because it prevents us from exercising but because it promotes a lot of junk food; teenagers are bombarded with 4400- 7600 junk food ads a year on TV alone. (6)
The media plays a crucial role in the formation of body self-image affecting females causing them to suffer from distorted body image and eating disorders (7)
We are constantly being attacked by the media telling us what we should wear, how our body should look. This type mentality of great body image is everywhere; Barbie dolls reinforce the unrealistic body size and has a focus on beauty and an expectation that girls should look like them.
Teenagers need to realize that society’s ideal body image is not achievable. The photos we see in magazines are not real either. Many people don’t realize that those photos have gone through many touch ups and have been air-brushed to make the models look perfect. Teenagers striving to attain society’s unattainable ideal image will just end up increasing their feelings of inadequacy.
Media uses repetition; Hitler said: 'If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed” Individuals will accept as true and right, ideas that are contrary to our own moral values, and yet we know that aren’t right at all, and we embraced because it becomes politically incorrect if we do go with it.
Media constantly uses celebrities because we tend to uphold these individuals at a higher standard. Many times not knowing that their life is not worth following because they are not good role models, this is not in all cases, but the vast majority are not happy with themselves because of the strains that fame brings.(8)

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